Carroll Shelby's Cobra Daytona is for sale 4

Cobra fans were already overexcited in January when Carroll Shelby’s Cobra 427 was auctioned off at Mecum’s Kissimmee sale. And here’s a new reason to shiver: the sale of its Cobra Daytona.

She is really beautiful. We can not really help but say it because in addition to being a part of history on its own, this Cobra Daytona seems to be brand new. The restored 1966 car changed hands for $ 5.94 million. It’s a lot of money, but what better than a Cobra owned by the man who created the legend. What about this Cobra Daytona that also belonged to Carroll Shelby? This 1965 Daytona Coupé, chassis CSX 2469, is for sale through the worldwide auction house. But this time it is a private sale, not an auction.

Shelby and designer Peter Brock created the Daytona by grafting a “fastback” bodywork onto the Cobra’s chassis to improve its top speed and give it a better chance against rivals like Ferraris, including the 250 GTO which was significantly higher. fast on the straight from Mulsanne to Le Mans. The Daytona takes its name from the famous Florida endurance race, which it won in its class in 1965. But while it has also won in other prestigious venues such as Sebring, Monza and Reims, the Daytona has never bagged an outright victory at Le Mans.

Not original?

The only factor that might keep the price of this sale from soaring to stratospheric sums is that this is not one of the original six Daytonas. Indeed, it started life as a Cobra roadster and was later transformed into a coupe when it was owned by Carroll Shelby. Since then, its driver’s seat has received some of the biggest names in motorsport including 1961 F1 champion Phil Hill, Derek Bell and Brian Redman, at special events like Monterey and Goodwood.

What will be its final price? No one really knows. But it won’t be cheap. Even a classic Daytona (which wouldn’t have belonged to Carroll Shelby) will set you back around $ 2 million. But its belonging to an automotive legend will certainly inflate the price. Case to follow.