No or no longer license? Tempted by a cart? We will detail the budget for driving without a license!

Sometimes essential for those who do not have not allowed, or else considered to be good alternatives to scooters, cars without a license do not know the crisis. Especially since several hundred thousand French people drive every day without a license. But how much does it cost to ride in these carts limited to 45 km / h? Auto Plus gives you all the details.

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When buying: it’s salty!

Surprise: upon purchase, a car without a license is not cheaper than a classic car. Count from 10,000 € for a basic model (diesel, not a lot of equipment), and around € 20,000 for more opulent models (gasoline or electric, well equipped). Rare exception, the Citroën Ami is available from 6.000 €, in 100% electric what is more. But Citroën arrives at this price thanks to an extremely minimalist interior, and a very reduced equipment (no air conditioning or power steering). Among traditional competitors (Aixam, Ligier, Bellier, Châtenet, etc.), count more around 15,000 €.

And if you were to fall back on the opportunity, it’s a waste of time: the prices are not much more affordable, generally being established between 8,000 and 10,000 €.

Insurance: like “a real one”

Who says high purchase value, says level insurance. The car without a license does not cut it, since insurance rates are generally not not much cheaper than those of classic cars. Another problem: cart drivers do not have not entitled to the bonus. Insurance is obviously compulsory, just like any other motor vehicle.

Consumption: sobriety!

This is where we begin to enter the savings. With their small engines (often diesel), unlicensed cars generally consume little. Count around 3 L per 100 km. A rather reduced fuel budget therefore, especially as the distances traveled are of course lower. The ideal remains, of course, a car without an electric license, but these are more expensive to buy.

Maintenance: the good deal

Another positive point for the carts: they are exempt from compulsory technical control. A significant saving, especially as the prices of the latter are increasing recently after the passage of the reform. Then unlicensed cars are deemed reliable, with simple and inexpensive mechanics to maintain. Due to the reduced speeds, featherweight, and low mileage, consumables (tires, brakes, etc.) are also a problem. much lighter budget than on a classic car.

Interesting or not?

Whether we like it or not, getting the permit is still very expensive in France: € 1,700 on average. And faced with a scooter, certainly much cheaper, a closed car is more reassuring from a security point of view. They also offer a very specific use, which will appeal to those concerned. Cars without a license therefore have their place, as their fairly consistent commercial success in France. Still, riding a cart is not not given. Do not forget to carefully evaluate your uses and your movements before you start.

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