More or less superficial, scratches are unfortunately part of the daily life of our cars. Here are some ideas for erasing those scratches and giving your car a new look.

Door knocking, inadvertent scratches or vandalism … Scratches are unfortunately part of everyday life in our cars. Tricks exist to erase, or at least attenuate the effects of these scratches yourself, without entrusting this task to a professional.

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Car scratches: washing and diagnosis

Before you roll up your sleeves, wash thoroughly your vehicle, and degrease the scratches and their contours, in order to analyze them: superficial scratches, also called micro-scratches, only affect the car’s varnish and are easier to treat, while the deep scratches, revealing the white primer or even the sheet metal of your car, require more treatment.

Car scratches: grandma’s tips

A few grandma’s tips are known to attenuate micro-scratches on the body of your car: toothpaste, clay stone or even cigarette ash, applied to a soft cloth and gently rubbed on the body, can have their effect, but do not expect a miracle … It is then preferable to use a real polish, in order to obtain better results.

Car scratches: polish or scratch remover

The polish or scratch-removing products are also known to give good results on micro-scratches, which mainly concern car varnish: after having protected the plastic parts liable to be bleached by the product, apply a dab of polish orscratch remover on a microfiber, then rub the bodywork with slight circular movements. Then clean the excess with another clean microfiber.

Car scratches: the touch-up paint pen

If the scratches are deeper, you will need to consider using a touch-up paint brush or pen, failing to have your body repainted by a professional. It is therefore important to treat the scratch quickly, at the risk of permanently damaging your car if rust were to appear. To do this, get the correcting pen or brush that matches the exact color of your bodywork: you will usually find the color code on the tire pressure label. Depending on the depth of the scratch and the product used, several coats are often necessary, before finishing with a coat of varnish after drying.

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