During peak hours, it is often difficult to park your vehicle, and free delivery spaces can be tempting. But is it allowed to park there?

Originally, it was strictly forbidden by the highway code to park in a delivery place, except in cases where the motorist stops there for a short period, to load goods or get off. a passenger. Penalties were rare, but the offender could receive a second category ticket, i.e. a fine of € 35, with the possibility of impounding the vehicle.

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The rules have since been relaxed: since 2010, the Highway Code now stipulates that each town hall is entitled to define the regulations for parking at delivery places, and therefore to define hours during which parking is authorized. Offenders are however more regularly punished, always with a second category fine.

Place of delivery: the rules vary depending on the municipality

Today, the regulation of delivery places therefore depends on the municipality in which you wish to park. To be sure you are not mistaken, it is then necessary to inquire at the town hall of the city concerned, to find out the rules in force. To facilitate the procedures, this information is often accessible on the website of the municipality, or clearly displayed on the ticket machine of the street concerned.

For example, in the city of Paris, parking is allowed in delivery places every night of the week between 8 p.m. and 7 a.m., as well as on Sundays and public holidays. Please note: parking is strictly prohibited in the so-called “sanctuary” delivery places, marked by boxes with a double continuous yellow line.

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