Can we make Justin Bieber's Rolls less ugly? 4

The answer, after watching this video, is apparently negative.

Justin Bieber is an American show business star, well known for his love of heavily modified sports and luxury cars. He has often been seen behind the wheel of more or less prepared Ferraris or Range Rovers equipped with gigantic rims. But the strangest car in his entire car collection is clearly this Rolls-Royce Wraith, reviewed and “corrected” by the specialists at West Coast Customs.

The car indeed displays an unrecognizable style, with hidden wheel arches and a crazy body kit. The car has made the rounds of the Internet and some apprentice designers even go there for their Youtube “tutorials” to “improve the style” of this funny creation.


This is the case of TheSketchMonkey which virtually modifies the lines of the car, focusing on certain details of the body. Unfortunately, these little details are not enough to restore the stylistic balance to the car. Better to remove the whole body kit …