But why is this driver ripping off her hubcaps? 4

This driver has a technique of her own for removing the hubcaps from her car.

Most cars have real rims. But for the more affordable models, it is often the hubcaps attached to the wheels that improve the styling. These hubcaps are plastic (and sometimes jump off the wheel when rubbing a sidewalk).

The sedan visible in this video has precisely the hubcaps, which seem to be firmly attached to the wheel at the nuts. And one person, possibly the driver or owner of the car, seems determined to remove them. She uses a fairly simple technique to do this: she pulls on them to try to tear them off.

Until the tear

However, the system seems precisely designed to prevent theft. The hubcaps therefore remain attached to the wheel and literally tear when pulled. Result, at the end only the part located at the level of the nuts remains. Maybe there could still have been a better way to get rid of these parts …