Unlike many of his competitors, BMW boss Oliver Zipse has announced that the Bavarian brand is not going to stop the development of heat engines.

Audi has just announced that it will no longer develop new heat engines, its CEO Markus Duesmann saying that European regulations on polluting emissions make the development of new generations of heat engines too expensive to be worth it.

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BMW M4 prepared by tuner Avante

On the other hand, BMW is not going to draw a line on the development of internal combustion engines. Indeed, according to Oliver Zipse, the boss of the Munich firm: “The demand for combustion vehicles will remain robust for many years to come”.

BMW: a whole range of electric vehicles to come

In Europe, heat engines could still be useful for the development of plug-in hybrid models, but outside the Old Continent, demand for electric vehicles is not yet in good shape: it is therefore in these markets that heat engines will remain important.

Of course, this choice will not prevent BMW from developing in parallel its range of new electric vehicles. For example, it has just presented the BMW i4, a new sedan that is a 100% electric alternative to the 4 Series, as well as the BMW iX, a new electric SUV rival of the Tesla Model X and other Audi e-tron.

Other models are expected to follow later to complete the range, in order to reach BMW’s goal of selling 10 million 100% electric vehicles within the next ten years.

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