BMW’s controversial new grilles do not seem to have slowed sales … on the contrary.

The very controversial new grille grilles of the BMW range, always more imposing, have been the subject of much ink for more than a year … However, the Munich manufacturer has declared that it does not intend to move away from the current design.

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Bmw 7 series "little bean"

Indeed, during a recent interview with the media CoachBMW Group Design Boss Adrian van Hooydonk and BMW Brand Design Manager Domagoj Dukec both championed the infamous grilles, saying they stood out.

“It all comes back to the customer”

“If you want to create something that stands out, it has to be distinguished and different. If you want to reach certain customers, you have to stand out. It’s not our goal to please everyone in the world, but you have to please your customers. It’s all up to the customer “, announces Domagoj Dukec.

And on this point, the customer seems to agree with the propeller brand, which recorded a surprising increase in sales of 3.2% in the last quarter of 2020.

Different grids for a varied range

In the future, sporty BMW models will receive vertical grilles like the new M3 and M4, while electric vehicles will adopt iX-like fake grilles that will house a host of equipment, including autonomous driving sensors.

Future sedan models will have “narrow” grilles as BMW seeks to further differentiate its models from one another. “We are expanding the choice we offer our customers. This is the secret to selling more cars. You can’t sell more of the same,” van Hooydonk added.

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