Bentley promises “the most dynamic car in its history”.

Bentley has unveiled the GT Speed ​​version of the Continental, its luxury coupe. And the performances are there! Bentley announces a top speed of 335 km / h and 0 to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds, all in a comfort worthy of the brand’s standing.

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To propel the heavy coupe to these stratospheric looks, Bentley relies on the usual W12 6 liters of the brand. Revisited for the occasion, it develops 659 hp here (24 more than on the classic Continental GT W12), and above all a gargantuan torque of 900 Nm.

To make the Continental GT Speed ​​more dynamic, Bentley fitted it withan electronic locking differential (for the first time on a Bentley), as well as four-wheel steering. This last system is for the occasion recalibrated to be more aggressive, and reduce understeer when entering a curve. The management of the 8-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox has also been revised.

Discreet evolution for the Continental GT Speed

On the other hand, Bentley does not speak no weight gain. Too bad because the Continental GT reaches 2.2 tonnes! And in the end, even if the British firm promises “the car the most dynamic of its history “, this new version of the Continental GT Speed ​​does not seem not much sportier than the classic Continental GT W12.

Outside and inside, the changes are also subtle. The grille becomes black, the sills are reworked, and specific rims are offered. On board, it’s the same story: the choice of materials is simply widened, with Alcantara or black aluminum for the central console.

With the exception of a few badges, not easy to distinguish the GT Speed ​​from the “base” GT. No extravagant shield or aileron … And it’s probably better like that, for a very British refinement.

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