To accelerate the development of driver assistance systems for its models, the Volkswagen group is joining forces with Microsoft to build a connected automated driving platform.

Shortly after the announcement of the partnership between Ford and Google around the connected car, or even that of Hyundai with Apple, it is the turn of the Volkswagen group to move up a gear by expanding its partnership with Microsoft, initiated in 2018 with the Volkswagen Automotive Cloud, which brings together all of the German group’s connected services and mobility offers.

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The objective of this new partnership is to strengthen Volkswagen’s capacities to develop automated driving solutions, by creating a connected platform baptized “Automated Driving Platform” on the Microsoft Azure cloud, whose computing, data management and artificial intelligence capabilities it will use. Indeed, the design of these systems requires significant calculation capacities, allowing the automated driving systems to adapt to all real driving situations.

With this new tool, the vehicles of the Volkswagen Group brands will be able to benefit more quickly from new advanced driver assistance systems, as well as new automated driving functions. For the developers of the Volkswagen group, within the division Car.Software, the tools of this connected platform created with Microsoft will allow faster and more efficient work, while managing a substantial amount of data.

This partnership with Microsoft is a further step in the internal development of software intended for vehicles of the Volkswagen group, which announced theinvestment of 27 billion euros in the digitalization of its models, by 2025.

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