Auto sales collapse in Europe in 2020 4

The automobile market has never been at such a low level for nearly 30 years. The Covid 19 crisis plunged sales by 23.7%.

10 million vehicles were sold in 2020, or 3 million less than in 2019. According to the Association of European Manufacturers (ACEA): “ Measures taken against the pandemic including strict lockdowns and other restrictions throughout the year have had an unprecedented impact on car sales in the Union “.

For 30 years, Europe has never known such an unprecedented period with such significant losses. This is the lowest number the auto industry has ever recorded, these levels were not even reached during the dark times of 1990, 1993 and 2013.

No manufacturer has been spared by this drop in sales. The one doing the best is Volkswagen, which sold 2.5 million cars, 21.6% less than the previous year. In return, its market share increased to 25.6%. For PSA and Renault, the losses were also colossal. The diamond brand only sold 1.1 million cars and the German giant PSA, 1.5 million in 2020.

Countries more affected than others

December was one of the best months of the year with a 3.3% drop in sales compared to 2019. Italy, Belgium and France have not recovered their figures for the year. last year. For other countries on the contrary, the month of December was rather good. Germany, Austria and the Netherlands increased their sales.

But for the whole year, it’s a different story: “ All 27 European Union markets recorded double-digit declines Said ACEA. Spain is the most affected country with a 32.3% decline in sales, followed closely by Italy with 27.9% of its sales down and France 25.5%.