The French automobile market for new passenger cars is starting the year 2021 in slow motion with a 5.8% drop in registrations compared to January 2020.

The year 2021 is not getting off to a good start for the French automotive market. According to figures from the Committee of French Manufacturers of Automobiles (CCFA), “only” 126,381 new passenger cars were registered in France in January, which represents a drop of 5.8% in raw data compared to January 2020 (up 3.6% on a comparable number of working days compared to January 2020 with 20 days in January 2021 and 22 days in January 2020).

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PSA in the red

The French groups as a whole were the first to be affected by this drop in sales. With 73,282 registrations recorded, they show a drop of 9.9%.

But it is especially PSA, which merged in mid-January with FCA to form Stellantis, which saw its registrations decline: -16.8% to 42,924 units. All the brands of the group are in the red: -10.9% for Peugeot (26,063 registrations), -21.2% for Citroën (12,314), -33.8% for DS (1,634) and -31.7% for Opel (2.013).

For its part, the Renault group increased the number of its registrations by 2.1% (30,351 units). The firm benefited in particular from the good health of Dacia (+ 95.1%, 11,417 vehicles) while the diamond brand, for its part, experienced a sharp drop of 20.9% (18,881 registrations).

Various fortunes with foreign manufacturers

Among foreign manufacturers, it is almost the status quo: +0.4 and 53,099 registrations. The fortunes are diverse, however. The BMW groups (+ 2%, 4,802 registrations), Daimler (2,595, + 4.3%), Volkswagen (+ 4.3%, 15,435), Ford (+ 10.9%, 4,343) and Hyundai (11.3 %, 6,247) progress while Toyota (-8.3%, 9,390), FCA (-18.4%, 2,864) and Nissan (2,281, -30.4%) tumble.

The strongest growth of the month is to the credit of the Chinese Geely, owner of Volvo, which jumped by + 48.2% to 1,143 registrations.

2020, a record year

As a reminder, in 2020, with only 1.65 million registrations, the French automobile market for new passenger cars experienced a historic decline of 25.5% and reached its lowest level since 1975!

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