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Everyone knows the risks of driving a car. In addition to the damage caused to others, it can happen that the driver himself or his vehicle also suffers damage. Taking out insurance allows you to face any repair costs. Topo.

Since 1958 in France, he has been it is prohibited by law to drive a car without insurance. The lack of insurance is also qualified as criminal offense. The sanction incurred is a € 3,750 fine to which can possibly be added a driver’s license suspension of up to 3 years. Other measures may also be added to this depending on the circumstances, such as vehicle confiscation or the obligation to attend road safety awareness sessions. This obligation applies to all land motor vehicles (VTAM). This denomination includes cars, motorized agricultural machinery (tractor, ride-on mower, etc.), 2 or 3 wheels and quads.

What does auto insurance cover?

Concretely, what is auto insurance used for? Like all insurance policies, the principle is simple: the insured pays a monthly or annual contribution to the insurance company which undertakes to cover the costs related to any future damage. In the case of automobile insurance, the insurance will cover any material damage and / or bodily injury caused by the vehicle to others. However, insurance companies offer a wide range of packages which extend this coverage to damage to the vehicle itself or to the driver. The amount of the contribution to be paid will then depend on the scope of the guarantees, the model of the car, driving habits, etc. The best way to find the best value for money insurance is to compare before choosing your insurance company. The membership fee is payable by cashier’s check.

Different types of car insurance: how to choose?

Here are the 2 main types of insurance:

• Compulsory insurance public liability or third party insurance. Only damage caused to others is covered. It could be another vehicle, a pedestrian or even the passenger. This is the minimum guarantee required by law.
• Automobile insurance multi-risk. This is the most complete insurance formula (and therefore the most expensive) because it covers all the risks incurred by the insured, including if he is found responsible for the accident.

There are also a multitude of optional guarantees to which it is possible to subscribe in order to supplement the cover offered by civil liability insurance: the driver warranty, the glass breakage guarantee, the theft guarantee, the legal protection guarantee or even the fire and explosion guarantee. It is very important to always read your insurance contract carefully before signing it. In particular, you must be vigilant about the exclusions of warranty, the excess, the effective date, etc.

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