Is it time for you to change auto insurance? Here are the 6 mistakes not to make when signing a new contract …

Is your auto insurance not right for you or no longer and you want to change it? Before taking out a new contract, here are some pitfalls and mistakes to avoid if you want to be sure that you are making the right choice.

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Mistake 1: not taking stock

It’s the starting point. Before changing auto insurance, take stock by asking yourself the right questions. What did not suit you or more with your previous insurer? Or conversely, what were the strengths of your previous contract that you would like to find in the next one? Also ask yourself about your real insurance needs and wants. From this observation, you can more easily establish which guarantees you need and which you can do without.

Mistake 2: not doing a simulation

Another essential step in your approach: perform a simulation on the websites of auto insurance comparators. Type of trip, car model, domiciliation department … many criteria can influence the amount of premiums. Before signing any contract at the bottom, it is therefore necessary to carry out a simulation to be sure that the said contract strictly corresponds to your travel needs.

Mistake 3: not playing the competition

It sounds like the basics, but even when it comes to auto insurance, you shouldn’t hesitate to compete. Since January 1, 2015, the consumer law, or Hamon law, allows an insured to change their insurance contract at any time, starting from one year of engagement. We must therefore take advantage of it. Don’t hesitate to take a look at what the competition has to offer. Some insurance companies will meet the expectations and needs of certain categories of drivers better than others.

Mistake 4: being seduced by prices that are too low

This is undoubtedly the most frequent mistake when signing a new contract: being seduced by an unbeatable price. However, discounted rates often hide excessively expensive damage / theft / fire and glass breakage deductibles. A good auto contract is not just about the amount of the contribution. It must also have a good guarantee / price ratio.

Mistake 5: not choosing the right guarantees

In fact, there are many guarantees that can be included in your insurance contract. But choosing among these is not that simple and many drivers are often covered for unnecessary risks.

Note that in addition to mandatory third party / third party liability, any good contract should include theft / fire and broken glass cover or the driver’s personal guarantee. In the latter case, beware of the compensation ceiling which can sometimes be flush with the daisies. 100,000 € being considered a low ceiling. Among the optional but very useful guarantees, we also find the assistance guarantee, the replacement vehicle guarantee and the accident damage guarantee.

Mistake 6: giving wrong information to your insurer

Finally, when taking out your new contract, be careful not to give the wrong information to your new insurer in the hope of saving a few euros. Don’t say, for example, that your vehicle sleeps in a garage if you leave it outside overnight.

In the event of a problem or accident, you risk not being compensated or being less well covered. Lying or knowingly altering the truth could even lead to the termination of your car insurance, a fine of € 4,500 and a two-year prison sentence, confiscation of your vehicle and a driving ban for 5 years.

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