German tuner celebrates anniversary with special and modified Audi RS Q8 edition

Audi RS Q8 owners are unlikely to find their SUV a bit soft: with its 600 hp twin-turbo V8, their vehicle is indeed capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.8 seconds. But if ever this is your case, good news: the German tuner ABT offers you its RS Q8-R, increased for the occasion to 740 hp …

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The Brabus G63 6x6

The German, Audi equivalent of a Brabus (Mercedes specialist), revised the engine ECU and adapted a more efficient air exchanger, to get out 140 additional hp 4-liter V8. The RS Q8-R is therefore now capable of 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds, and a top speed of 315 km / h (with the option that jumps the limit to 250 km / h).

A special 125th-anniversary series

What to give cold sweats to many owners of Lamborghini Urus, who until then could count on their 650 hp to gaze fans of the Audi SUV, yet very similar technically.

And to celebrate its 125 years of existence, ABT has decided to produce a limited series of 125 copies of its super-SUV, which has also been stuffed with options. On the menu: a new steering wheel, carbon everywhere including the interior, and a revised central console. Specific 23-inch rims are also part of the game, as well as a released exhaust. Plates and logos celebrate the anniversary all over the interior.

ABT does not disclose pricing for its latest creation, but we imagine that the bar of 200,000 euros will be quickly crossed, a “basic” Audi RS Q8 selling for € 159,900 in France, before options and especially before penalties.

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Audi RS Q8


2/9 –

ABT RS Q8-R: exhaust
The exhaust is specific, for an improved sound


Audi RS Q8 (2021): ABT pushes it to 740 hp! 16


3/9 –

ABT RS Q8-R: interior detail
The interior receives carbon accents


Audi RS Q8 (2021): ABT pushes it to 740 hp! 17


4/9 –

ABT RS Q8-R: center console
The center console has been improved by ABT


Audi RS Q8 (2021): ABT pushes it to 740 hp! 18


5/9 –

ABT RS Q8-R: door lighting
ABT displays its logos everywhere on its RS Q8-R


Audi RS Q8 (2021): ABT pushes it to 740 hp! 19


6/9 –

The ABT RS Q8-R: the carbon blade
Aerodynamic appendages strengthen the look of the Audi


Audi RS Q8 (2021): ABT pushes it to 740 hp! 20


7/9 –

ABT RS Q8-R: specific skirts
ABT offers many carbon accessories


Audi RS Q8 (2021): ABT pushes it to 740 hp! 21


8/9 –

ABT RS Q8-R: 3/4 rear
The SUV can go from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.4 seconds


Audi RS Q8 (2021): ABT pushes it to 740 hp! 22


9/9 –

ABT RS Q8-R: spoiler
The ABT RS Q8-R can have its speed raised to 315 km / h as an option