The German clearly announces the color, and wants to attack the queen of electric sedans. Autonomy, habitability, price, performance, we dissect the two for a match at the top!

The start of 2021 saw the arrival of two stars of premium electric: the Tesla Model S restyled first, then the Audi e-tron GT. The latter borrows its platform from the Porsche Taycan, but with prices that are closer to the American rival. What to promise a close match, while Tesla has announced many technical and technological advances for its new model.

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The interior of the restyled Tesla Model S

Let’s go for a match at the top of the electric hierarchy!

Exterior: a look at the antipodes, but very similar dimensions

The two sedans follow each other very closely, in terms of dimensions. In pictures, the Audi seems more compact: this is mainly due to its shape as a four-door coupe and its 3 cm less in height. The rest is overall identical : 4.97m long for the Tesla, 4.99m for the German, and the same width.

As always, we’ll let you judge the look itself. Despite the recent restyling, the Tesla begins to show the weight of the years, while the Audi takes advantage of the beautiful proportions of the Porsche Taycan to display a more dynamic line. But some will say that the American is more timeless … Each his fans!

Interior: German classicism versus American minimalism

Also inside, the two approaches are diametrically opposed. We know Tesla’s well: minimalism sometimes to excess, with the vast majority of functions (including the reverse gear selector) grouped together in a very large central screen. With the restyling, we obviously notice the appearance of the airplane-style steering wheel, which has the merit of catching the eye but whose everyday use is doubtful.

The set is necessarily more loaded in the Audi, still with many physical buttons. The whole is more rational, with a large digital instrument cluster, and a more classic central display. Less exotic than in the Tesla, which some will appreciate.

Finally, if the American brand has made progress in this area, it is a safe bet that the level of interior finish and quality is still lagging behind its premium rivals, including the Audi. The advantage should however lean towards the Tesla in terms of the reception reserved for passengers in the back: more room for the legs and head, and even a small screen!

Equipment: at the top of high-tech

Flag bearers of two brands that boast of their technological prowess, these two cars are at the cutting edge of high-tech. Large screens, numerous phone chargers and USB-C sockets, driving aids including partial autonomous driving systems, it’s all there. Fans of gadgets will likely prefer the Tesla, with its games available on the center display or active noise reduction.

Autonomy and charging time: Audi lagging behind

Power, range, recharging … Getting into the electric car can be a minefield, especially when it comes to facing the benchmark in the middle, Tesla. With its 93 kWh battery, Audi announces 488 km of range in the WLTP cycle on the e-tron GT Quattro. Not bad, but Tesla wins by comparison : all the versions are capable of over 600 km: 663 for the Grande Autonomie, 628 for the Plaid, and even 840 km for the crazy Plaid +! However, these values ​​are not yet approved for the WLTP cycle, but result from American measures. Tesla could therefore lose a few kilometers by landing in Europe, but we cannot imagine seeing it much closer to the Audi.

Another great advantage for the American: the supercharging network. Installed in most large cities, they offer loads up to 250 kW at competitive prices. The Audi can charge a little faster, up to 270 kW, but few public stations can deliver this level of power. It will mainly go through the Ionity network, where Audi owners can benefit from preferential rates. Still less practical than the Tesla network, and, in use, more expensive.

Performances: the Tesla sledgehammer

Cannon accelerations, as we know, are the prerogative of these overpowering electrics. The Audi e-tron GT Quattro has a maximum power of 530 hp to go from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.1s, while the RS version, witha maximum of 646 hp, can ship exercise in 3.3 seconds.

At Tesla, there are three levels of power and therefore of performance. The Grand Autonomie is equipped with 670 hp for a 0 to 100 km / h in 3.2 seconds, while the Plaid (1.020 hp) speeds up the exercise in 2.1 seconds, when the incredible Plaid + (1.100 hp) passes. below 2 seconds. An easy victory for Tesla.

Tariffs: progress on the German side

Restyled Tesla Model S available in France from 89.990 €, and up to € 139,990 for the Plaid +.

Audi is a little more expensive, and will be launched from 101.500 €, and € 140,700 for the RS version. Still, the game of options is probably unfavorable to the German.


Autonomy, performance, roominess, price … On paper, the Tesla Model S makes short work of the German newcomer. But it’s a safe bet that, in real life, the latter shows good arguments, especially in terms of perceived quality. Visit in the coming months to discover our trial verdict!

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