Audi driver with strange behavior 4

Too bad for the body of his Audi convertible: this driver wanted at all costs to pass.

Nobody wants to damage the body of their car. Especially when you have a “beautiful” car, a comfortable and elegantly designed car. The Audi 80 convertible, for example, is one of those “youngtimers” that are currently gaining value in the vintage car market. Not really the kind of machine you would want to neglect by doing anything behind the wheel.

Video of the crazy driver of Audi Cabriolet

This is why the behavior of this driver, filmed in Germany in the small town of Wiesbaden, raises questions. We see him walking in a very small alley under construction. And when he arrives at a barrier that makes his passage impossible, he soberly decides to continue on his way. Whatever the cost.

It rubs

He thus finds himself rubbing liberally against the scrap fence, with nasty noises probably synonymous with big scratches and other damage to the body of his pretty convertible. Was it really necessary to insist on passing at all costs?