Audi and Mercedes terrorize motorists 4

This wild rodeo between an Audi RS4 Avant and a tuned Mercedes C-Class gives you a cold sweat with every change of direction.

This is the kind of sequence that sometimes ends very badly. It is filmed from the inside of a previous generation Mercedes C-Class, equipped with a steering wheel visibly added by its owner (since its style does not correspond to that of the dashboard of the car). It shows its driver slaloming between cars on a highway somewhere in the world, one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the automatic gear selector.

In front, a red Audi RS 4 Avant of the current generation also zigzags between motorists of this busy highway. The two drivers have fun in the middle of the other cars, braking, accelerating and turning while taking advantage of the smallest available space.

On the wire

The sequence ends well, the two drivers managing not to collide with anyone. But in real life, that sort of video game or action movie driving often ends badly. One-handed driving on the steering wheel remains one of the common denominators of these videos which swarm on the Internet where the machine escapes its pilot.