While its official presentation to the press is fast approaching, the new Dacia Spring is leaking its prices on the Web. Good surprise, it will be the cheapest electric car in the world.

Normally, we should have waited a little longer before knowing the price of the first 100% electric Dacia model. It was on the Worldscoop forum that one of the well-informed Internet users sold the wick. The Romanian firm had promised that its first “zero emission” vehicle would be the cheapest on the market, and apparently it is. The entry-level “Comfort” would be sold from 16,990 euros. Add to that the ecological bonus and the Spring becomes a business. Finally, be careful though, you will not have the 7,000 euros in state aid. The amount of the bonus being capped at 27% of the price of the car, it only amounts to 4,600 euros for this Spring.

This brings the entry-level price of the Spring down to just 12,400 euros. A big bang in the front grille the Twingo Electric, which requires an additional effort of 3,000 euros once the bonus has been deducted. And to hit even harder, the Spring claims better autonomy than the city car at the Losange.

The best “zero emission” deal?

Indeed, with 225 km of autonomy according to the WLTP homologation cycle, the Dacia Spring claims 35 km more autonomy than the 100% electric Renault Twingo. On the other hand, the little tricolor does better than the Spring in terms of performance: it develops 82 horsepower while the Romanian model has only 44 horsepower.

Of course, at 16,990 euros it’s the base model. But Dacia intends to offer a “Comfort Plus” version including a 7-inch touch screen for the infotainment system and metallic paint. This would be sold from 18,490 euros, or about 13,500 euros once the ecological bonus has been deducted. So, seduced? Order books should be opened by May 2021.