Aston Martin DB4 discovered after 30 years of abandonment 4

This is not the first time that we have found a car close to decay at the bottom of a barn. But this Aston Martin DB4 is surely one of the most expensive wrecks in the world.

If you’re looking for a new restoration project to keep you occupied during a possible future lockdown, this decaying Aston Martin DB4 is for you. For 30 years, this Series IV DB4 has been stored in a place where it does nothing but collect dust. Only 1,200 Aston Martin DB4s were built between 1958 and 1963, but this example is even more special as it is the first Series IV model to roll off the production line in 1962.

After the previous owner’s return from Vietnam in the 1970s, he went to work at a local body shop. He agreed to help fix his boss’s car and received the Aston Martin DB4 in return as a gift. He had the car towed home and planned to restore the beautiful English GT, but never got there. Therefore, the DB4 was parked in a barn where it remained in storage for over 30 years until it was recently rediscovered.

A gold mine ?

As you can see from the photos it is not in excellent condition. A significant amount of rust has tarnished the body designed by Carrozzeria Touring in Milan and demands to be restored to its original glory. Under the hood, this DB4 retains its original 3.7-liter engine that originally produced 240 horsepower.

When it was released, the DB4 had become the world’s first production car that could go 0-100-0 km / h in less than 30 seconds. The DB4 also has a racing pedigree which gives birth to the DB4 GT dedicated to track use only. The latter is limited to 19 copies and is sold with the Aston Martin DBS GT Zagato with which it forms a pair for 7.8 million dollars. This historic DB4 costs much less than that, however: Gullwing MotorCars is currently selling it for $ 325,000. It’s more than a brand new Aston Martin DBS Superleggera, but it’s a rare opportunity to save an important car in Aston Martin history …. but it’s still expensive for a heap of junk.