April 1 usually brings its share of novelties concerning reforms or new measures. Generalized bioethanol E85, the digitalized headlands, a microcredit …

For this month of April 2021, several changes concerning motorists should be noted in France. Check out the five new features below.

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Simplified procedures in the headlands that go digital

Last November, the state launched a reform to simplify procedures in the headlands for fleet managers as well as for motorists. The idea is to simplify the procedures for entering, leaving and managing vehicles in the car park at the headlands.

In detail, the reform notably provides for a more detailed inventory of vehicles, a dematerialization of entries and exits, the end of systematic appraisals and the fact that a vehicle with a market value deemed insufficient is declared abandoned after ten days.

In total, nearly 700 pounds are affected.

Equip an approved E85 box becomes authorized for all

From April 1, gasoline-powered vehicles equipped with a particulate filter (the most recent models), as well as vehicles with more than 15 HP (high-displacement models) will be able to benefit from E85 bioethanol in all legality. It is a fuel that costs less than 70 cents per liter.

Now almost all vehicles can convert to bioethanol: 9 out of 10 vehicles are compatible.

A new site created to better manage recalls

The government will launch an official website dedicated to product recalls. By browsing the site, motorists will be able to see whether their vehicle model is affected by a recall campaign or not. The purpose of this site will be to centralize all requests for recalls from manufacturers.

Indeed, professionals will be obliged to make a declaration on the site “Consumption reminder“, which will allow consumers to be better informed.

A microcredit of € 5,000 for the poorest

The government will launch a help welcome for the lowest income : a microcredit of a maximum value of € 5,000 for the purchase or rental of a new or used vehicle Crit’Air 0 (electric or hybrid) or Crit’air 1 (gasoline vehicle registered after January 1, 2011). This credit will be 50% guaranteed by the State.

In addition, this microcredit is also added to the bonuses and premiums for conversions.

New terminals at the post office for the gray card

Already last year, La Poste tested two terminals for gray cards in Parisian stores. Even if the procedures had already been simplified in 2017 with obtaining the gray card online, from today 50 additional stores located in Île-de-France will allow the acquisition of a provisional registration certificate in less than 15 minutes, without even going through the ANTS site.

The cost of this service is € 29.90 and the gray card is sent directly to your home within a few days.

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