Last year, the Peugeot 208 was crowned by the European jury.

After the Peugeot 208 in 2020, the Car of the Year 2021 is here Toyota yaris ! The Japanese city car, made in France in Valenciennes, however not one of the favorites. We had a presentiment of the Volkswagen ID.3, a very important car for the German group, or the new Fiat 500, which is becoming 100% electric.

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And yet, the one who wins the bet is neither European nor electric ! A result that is finally aligned with sales in recent months: the Yaris was the best-selling car in Europe in January 2021, ahead of the Peugeot 208 and the Dacia Sandero.

A second title for the Toyota Yaris

This is the second title received by the city dweller, after an award received for its first generation, in 2000.

On the other hand, the Citroen C4, the only Frenchwoman represented among the finalists, finishes last in the ranking.

Remember that the jury for the Car of the Year, which is usually held on the sidelines of the Geneva Motor Show, is made up of journalists from European countries members of the Car of the Year association.

The full results:

  1. Toyota Yaris: 266 points
  2. Fiat 500: 240 points
  3. Cupra Formentor: 239 points
  4. Volkswagen ID.3: 224 points
  5. Škoda Octavia: 199 points
  6. Land Rover Defender: 164 points
  7. Citroën C4: 143 points

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