An ode to the sitcom in an alternate reality? 4

Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany in the “WandaVision” series – Marvel studios

After more than a year of absence from the cinema, Marvel begins its phase 4 on Disney + this Friday with the first two episodes of the series WandaVision (the rest will be broadcast on the platform at the rate of one episode per week). New adventures for Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff and synthezoid Vision couple, who skillfully combine a tribute to the history of American family sitcoms, elements of the MCU, and a mystery, presumably connected to the upcoming film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by Sam Raimi.

Located after the events ofAvengers: Endgame, Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany resume their roles as superheroes of the saga. “Wanda and Vision are truly fan favorites as a couple because their romance has been so tragic, but also really warm and intimate, as we got to see in those wonderful stolen moments from the MCU,” says Jac Schaeffer, executive producer at the head of the writing of the series, during a virtual press conference at which 20 minutes was invited.

WandaVision is inspired by the comics of The Vision & The Witch published in the 1980s and Vision by Tom King, released in 2016, in which the couple moved to the idealized American suburb of Westview, while hiding their identity. “Wanda would describe WandaVision as a family sitcom about two people trying to fit in,” Elizabeth Olsen summed up at a virtual press conference.

“The key references are family sitcoms”

“The key references are family sitcoms,” says director Matt Shakman. Those that are “timeless”, he says. The first episode, in black and white, which wonderfully revisits the cult American sitcoms of the 1950s like I love lucy led by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz and The Dick Van Dyke Show, was shot live in front of an audience.

“We wanted to be as authentic as possible,” says director Matt Shakman. ” Oh my God ! This is the first thing we shot! It was so nerve-racking, there was a lot of adrenaline, ”comments Elizabeth Olsen, who was delighted with the addition of“ the fourth wall for our second episode ”. “Vision is Jarvis, part Ultron, part Tony Stark, and he’s omnipotent, but he’s also that kind of naive ingenuous. I understood that I was just going to put a little Dick Van Dyke and a little Hugh Laurie in it, ”comments Paul Bettany.

Over the course of the episodes, WandaVision will explore the entire history of the American sitcom: “Fortunately, when it comes to the 1990s, they made me so ridiculous that I didn’t really have to work so hard to make people laugh” , jokes Paul Bettany. The second episode propels our heroes into the world of 1960s sitcoms like MA beloved witch or Jinny of my dreams. A new challenge for Elizabeth Olsen: “I can’t move my nose, so we had to find something else. The third episode is a pastiche of sitcoms from the 1970s. “We watched a ton of old series and had a lot of talking about how comedy evolved. The approach to comedy is really different in the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s, ”says Matt Shakman. And Elizabeth Olsen adds: “We also had to remember that we were not representing the reality of the 1960s or 1970s, but those of sitcoms governed by their own rules. “

“From an ‘I Love Lucy’ to a sort of ‘Twilight Zone'”

As Wanda and Vision mysteriously traverse the decades, the viewer is made to ask more and more questions about the strange world around them. “When we’re in our period sitcoms, something rocks a The Dick Van Dyke Show or a I love lucy towards a kind of Twilight Zone Says Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige. Does the series also borrow elements from comics House of M, with a mentally unstable Wanda, who takes refuge in an alternate reality rather than facing the mourning of her brother and Vision? “These projects on Disney + are as important as those underway in the cinema,” promises Kevin Feige. Over the course of the three episodes that 20 Minutes was able to watch, WandaVision promises to be an atypical series, skilfully mixing genres and allusions to the history of television. In short, a treat way MA beloved witch trapped in the Fourth dimension or some kind of Desperate Housewives mixed with Twin peaks.