An Autolib field discovered in Romorantin 4

On Twitter, a user was surprised when he saw a wasteland filled with Autolib in Romorantin. Nearly a hundred vehicles were left there without their batteries.

Here is an Autolib cemetery. Remember 4 years ago these carsharing vehicles available in Paris were withdrawn from the market for financial reasons. The contract issued by Bolloré ended on July 31, 2018. According to the group, “ proceedings are still underway at the Paris Administrative Court “.

On March 5, Vega Gex, took an interest in the fate of several Autolibs that he found on a vacant lot in Romorantin. Mathias, blogger for an automotive site and contacted by our colleagues from 20 minutes subsequently confirmed the information. Living in Romorantin, he went to the scene to check for the presence of these cars: “ I did not count the number of vehicles but there must have been a hundred in total, knowing that they are quite small and aligned in several rows “.

Vehicles without batteries

Most of the Autolibs on the ground were stripped of their batteries. The objective is to recycle them and to resell the vehicles in spare parts : ” I think these cars stay there because it was decided not to resell them as is. Most will probably never see the road again, but their spare parts remain an attractive market value. », Explains the blogger.

Not all of these vehicles have yet experienced a second life. Yet at the end of the contract, their owner had announced that they were going to be sold. A hundred Bluecar had thus been put on sale for only 3,700 euros. Individuals therefore rushed to buy an electric car at a preferential rate. But some of them obviously did not have the same fate.