No you are not dreaming, this is not a film but a real Batmobile from 1989 which has been completely renovated by French students.

Either we die as a hero, or we live long enough to take on the role of the villain “. Only Batman fans will be able to understand this quote. These students, them, seized it rather well by becoming the heroes of the restoration of this Batmobile. This project was developed by students from GARAC, the National School of Automotive Professions.

The replica will be preserved at the Museum of Movie Cars Central

Fans may be disappointed but this Batmobile will not be intended for driving. Once its renovation is complete, the Batmobile will be sent to the Museum of Movie Cars Central located in Europe, where the most beautiful cars in the world of cinema can be found.

This replica of the 1989 Batmobile may well make the eyes of those lucky enough to spot it shine. The students designed it in a mold identical to the one used to create the model for the 1989 Batman film.