An accident with 10/10 in artistic note 4

It’s hard to find a more elegant posture than that after a traffic accident.

The Toyota Camry remains a bestseller in the American market. Even in these times when SUVs are cannibalizing all historical segments more than ever, the friendly Japanese family sedan continues to occupy the top 10 bestsellers in the country.

It is precisely an example of this Toyota Camry which finds itself involved in a strange accident somewhere in the country. After losing control of his car, a driver slammed into a fire hydrant before ending up against a tree. And the rear of the car, pushed by the pressure of the water under its chassis, found itself thrown into balance a good meter above the ground!


The artistic connotation of this accident would have enough to impress the most creative of Hollywood screenwriters. Even the directors of Fast & Furious didn’t think about it! Note that there were no serious injuries in this astonishing accident.