With the arrival of Luca de Meo at the head of Groupe Renault, and Laurent Rossi as CEO, Alpine will completely change direction in the years to come. The brand will establish itself as the Group’s only sports label and will work with Lotus on a new model.

If until today Alpine focused mainly on the production of ” news “A110, tomorrow, the French brand will have a real range made up of Alpine models, but also Renault Sport Cars, as well as Renault Sport Racing. The objective: the ” development of exclusive and innovative sports cars “.

In this context, Alpine will therefore represent the Renault group in Formula 1, as well as in Endurance in the LMP1 category. But that’s not all, because Alpine will also work in collaboration with Lotus on the development of a 100% electric sports car from “ new generation “.

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Three Alpine models

In addition, and this is undoubtedly the most striking fact of the announcements made by Luca de Meo, Alpine will become a 100% electric brand. The objective being, as explained by ” take advantage of the size and capabilities of Groupe Renault and the Alliance thanks to the CMF-B and CMF-EV platforms “. Thus, in the coming months, Alpine should unveil:

  • a sporty compact (Segment B) 100% electric (Alliance CMF-B EV platform);
  • a 100% electric sports cross-over (Segment C) (the Alliance’s CMF-EV platform);
  • a 100% electric replacement for the A110 which will be developed with Lotus.

Finally, the objective for Groupe Renault is to ensure that the Alpine brand is profitable from 2025, while including the various investments made in motorsport.