Alpine presents its prototype for the 24 Hours, the A480.

After F1, the 24 Hours of Le Mans: Alpine’s sports program is ambitious in 2021. The brand will indeed increase its efforts in endurance racing to join the Hypercar category this year! All thanks to an Oreca prototype, registered last year in LMP1 with Rebellion.

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TheAlpine A480, that’s its name, will therefore be responsible for defending the colors of the Renault group at Le Mans. But unlike previous seasons, the team, managed by the Signatech partner, will not be in LMP2 but in the premier class. Indeed, the ACO authorizes again this year the use of old LMP1 non-hybrids. Alpine takes advantage of this and commits what was still in 2020 the Rebellion R13, developed by specialist Oreca. The engine remains the same Gibson 4.5L V8, which develops 625 hp. Only one car will be entered.

On a level playing field against Toyota?

Should we hope a French victory at the 24 Hours ? Hard to say. Alpine will face the Toyota armada, which engages 2 cars, Hybrid hypercars. Newcomer Glickenhaus, an American entrepreneur, also comes with two Hypercars, but not hybrids. Faced with these entirely new cars, Alpine will certainly have the advantage of proven equipment, but the handicap of a dated aero and a less developed chassis.

A system ofperformance balancing (or BOP) will be set up this season by the ACO, in an attempt to give a chance to each of the participants. But Toyota, with its experience in the premier class and its new GR010, remains the favorite.

On the rider side, Alpine continues to trust an experienced trio : Nicolas Lapierre, Andre Negrao and Matthieu Vaxiviere. All three have proven their worth, which can be a big advantage during a hectic 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Appointment April 26 for the Prologue of the WEC endurance season, in Spa, Belgium, for the first public laps of the Alpine A480.

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