Alonso's Alpine Formula 1 devastated by a sandwich wrapper 4

The fine performance of Fernando Alonso’s Alpine A521 at the Bahrain Grand Prix was brought to a halt by a sandwich wrapper caught in the worst possible place.

This weekend marked the start of the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship with the Bahrain Grand Prix, won by Lewis Hamilton after a great duel against Max Verstappen. The new Alpine A521s of the team which is no longer called Renault F1, meanwhile, had a much more contrasted weekend: Esteban Ocon finished out of the points due to failed qualifying and a clash with Sebastien Vettel. As for Fernando Alonso, he had to retire in the race.

And the reason for this abandonment is enough to rage against those who throw their waste anywhere: while he played a nice result in the top 10 during the race, a wrapper of sandwiches came to be lodged in one. scoops of the car used for its cooling. Overheating, the car lost its rear brake system.

Overwhelmed by a sandwich wrap

Fernando Alonso’s car had to give up because of a sandwich wrapper caught in the worst possible place. But the French team will be keen to wash away this funny affront during the next rounds.