From July 1, it will be possible to buy breathalyzers in shops selling alcoholic beverages. The objective is to fight against alcohol abuse while driving.

If you don’t know how to easily get a breathalyzer, note that from July 1, you can buy breathalysers directly in shops specializing in the sale of alcohol. They should be placed in the shelves which present “ the largest volume of beverages, or near the point of collection for specialty stores, such as wine merchants “Confirmed the delegation attached to the Ministry of the Interior in a press release. This measure is part of article 100 of the mobility orientation law.

To go into the details of this regulation, stores will have to offer for sale ” chemical breathalyzers and as a possible complement to electronic breathalyzers and have a minimum stock of 10 or 25 breathalyzers, set according to the size of the alcohol departments “. Traders who do not respect this new agreement will be exposed to a fine of 675 euros which can be increased to 1,875 euros in the event of an increased flat-rate fine.

This obligation also applies to sites for the online sale of alcoholic beverages.

Drunk driving: second cause of road fatalities

According to Road Safety figures, each year in France, nearly 30% of fatal accidents are due to excessive alcohol consumption.

As a reminder, the limit for the rate of drinking and driving in France is set at 0.25 mg / L of exhaled air and at 0.10 mg / L of exhaled air for probationary permits. Before hitting the road, it is therefore always advisable to check that you have not had a drink too much. In total, 50,000 establishments in France will make it possible to obtain an alcohol test following this new measure.