after the boat blocking the Suez Canal, the truck blocking the highway! 4

Is there a curse with Evergreen Company carriers? After the container ship stuck in the Suez Canal, here is the truck obstructing the highway!

The image went around the world last week. A gigantic container door Japanese company Evergreen was stranded for six days in the Suez Canal, preventing all other boats from passing for the duration of the incident. Enough to generate billions and billions of euros in losses for the transport industry, knowing that approximately 12% of world trade passes through this Canal.

On March 29, this container ship was finally released from the Canal. But at the same time, a strange accident affecting the same company Evergreen greatly amused Internet users on Reddit: In Taiwan, a semi-trailer marked “Evergreen” was jacked up on a highway, completely blocking road traffic. . Exactly like the boat!

Less consequences

Fortunately, the truck still did not block 12% of world trade during the time it blocked the highway. But in the current context, the image looks like an announcement from April 1 …