Accident: A Tesla Model Y crashes into the police in Autopilot.

L‘incident in question took place in the night from Wednesday to Thursday on a road about 160 km northwest of Detroit, in Michigan in the United States

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Autonomous driving in a Tesla in the city

Tesla Model Y hit police car head-on

A Tesla Model Y crashed head-on into a police patrol State of Michigan on the night of Tuesday to Wednesday while in Autopilot mode, the autonomous driving mode of cars fromElon musk. Police were investigating a late night deer collision with their Dodge charger which partially blocked the right lane, emergency lights on.

As can be seen in the photos, the so-called autonomous car did not stop… Both vehicles sustained significant damage: the rear bumper, the driver’s side rear door and the Charger’s rear wing were destroyed in the crash. The Model Y, on the other hand, has the entire front end literally ripped off.

More fear than harm

Despite the damage, police said no one was injured. In contrast, the 22-year-old Tesla driver was subpoenaed for inability to avoid the accident and… driving with a suspended license.

In the United States, this is a civil offense punishable by a fine of 400 dollars (333 euros). Driving with a suspended license is also a serious offense, as it is punishable by a fine of 500 dollars (417 euros) and a prison sentence of 93 days for a first offense.

Determining the responsibility shares is not easy

The reason for the crash is still unclear, but Lt. Brian Oleksyk told CNBC the driver claimed the system Autopilot was activated.

The NHTSA (body specializing in traffic accidents) has taken the matter in hand and will have to determine the shares of responsibility between the driver and Tesla’s advanced driving assistance system.

In reality, the Autopilot is still far to be a fully autonomous driving system and Tesla specifies that this technology requires “active supervision of the driver”. But many of its users are unfortunately not often aware of its limitations and there have already been several accidents in the past. Many accidents could have been avoided if Tesla drivers had simply been careful …

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