A speeding driver ... without a license for 25 years! 4

This driver has managed to pass between the drops for 25 years.

On Wednesday, January 13, gendarmes carried out speed checks on the departmental 164 at Plessé, in Loire-Atlantique. On this portion limited to 80 km / h, they intercept a 48-year-old driver who was traveling at 113 km / h, an offense resulting in the withdrawal of three points on her driver’s license.

To do this, she still has to have a driving license. Because during the control, the gendarmes note that the driver does not have a driving license in due form. The latter explains that she did apply for a permit in 1995, but that the prefecture never followed up. In other words, she had been driving without a driver’s license for over 25 years!


The driver was therefore summoned to the gendarmerie to explain this strange lack of a driving license. Is it a simple administrative error, or has she never passed the driving license test?

Via West France