A really bad Bentley thief 4

Taking off your mask in the middle of a coronavirus crisis when you steal a Bentley from a dealership is clearly something counter-intuitive.

The global coronavirus crisis has at least one advantage for people with bad intentions or those who simply want to evolve in complete discretion: it has become possible to permanently hide your face behind a mask, for obvious health reasons.

Thus, one could have imagined that this car thief would take advantage of the situation to permanently hide his identity behind a mask, thus avoiding showing his face to people and video surveillance cameras. But no, he’d rather lower his mask to his chin at the slightest possibility, exposing his head to the cameras before setting off with a stolen Bentley Flying Spur.

Easy to find?

The Bentley was stolen from a luxury car specialist in Michigan, USA. Police investigate to locate the vehicle and its thief, aided by camera shots showing his face with the mask down.