Benjamin Chen, co-founder of GoldRush Rally, will long remember the morning of March 7, 2021 …

While the streets of New York are deserted due to containment measures imposed by US authorities to combat COVID-19, the owner of a Gemballa Mirage GT (a modified and extremely rare version of the Porsche Carrera GT) lost control of his car on Manhattan’s 11th Avenue, crashing into four parked cars.

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The facts took place this weekend near Rouen

A viral video

The driver in question is none other than Benjamin Chen, a millionaire playboy, big fan of supercar and co-founder of the company GoldRush Rally. The accident, which left no injuries, took place in the early morning hours of March 7. The scene was filmed by Instagram user ronniecnyc, and the video quickly became viral on social networks.

Driving under the influence of drugs

Cowardly, Chen tried to flee before being arrested by the police. He was charged with dangerous driving and driving under the influence of narcotics. As for his Gemballa, bought in 2014 and extensively modified, it is not ready to hit the road again …

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