A pick-up hanging from his trailer! : models, tests, reviews and videos 4

The safety chain of the hitch prevented the pick-up from plunging into the grooves.

The action takes place in southern Idaho, United States. A couple are driving peacefully on Interstate 84, aboard a Ford F-350 pickup, weighted with 9-meter caravan in its wake. Passing the bridge overlooking the deep canyon of Sick Throat, 67-year-old driver loses control of the convoy.

The pick-up hits the safety guardrail and goes over the bridge. Miracle : the Ford does not dive, but remains hanged in the void, held only by the safety chain connecting the pick-up and the caravan!

Belted passengers

Shaken, the two passengers had fortunately buckled their seat belts and remained suspended in the void until the arrival of help, who are rappelled up to the level of the car to bring the passengers back to dry land. Two dogs were also present in the car. Everyone made it out without big sores.

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