A mother knocks down her son on a motorcycle with her SUV 4

The accident is totally burlesque, but fortunately it did not hurt anyone.

Unfortunately, the probability of being hit by a motorbike by a car remains quite high. In the life of a motorcyclist, the risks on the road often come from the behavior of certain careless motorists. On the other hand, the likelihood of being run over by someone from your own family is definitely lower.

But it does exist. Take a look at this video, filmed with a camera attached to a biker helmet. The man finds himself in a parking lot where his mother’s SUV is parked, who says goodbye to him while adding to “be very careful once on the handlebars of his motorcycle because there are a lot of crazy drivers on the road”. He then gets on his motorbike to exit the parking lot. But as he arrives on an insertion lane, guess who hits him from behind at the wheel of his SUV …


Yes, it was his own mother who had forgotten to watch what was happening in front of her wheels! The shock sends his son to the ground, but he gets up without any difficulty. His motorcycle, on the other hand, suffers from damage that goes deeper than his ego.