A Belgian is ridiculing himself in a Ferrari 348 4

No one would have wanted to be in the place of this Belgian driver, champion of the racket at the wheel of his Ferrari 348 Spider.

The Ferrari 348 was marketed between 1989 and 1994. It is remembered as a magnificent Italian berlinetta whose style achieves a masterful union between the silhouettes full of edges of the 80s and the chubby modernism of the years 90. Its detractors also point the finger at it as a machine with perfectible dynamic behavior, opposed to the absolute excellence of its replacement, the F355.

But here, the dynamic behavior of the car has nothing to do with it. It is undoubtedly necessary to look more at the level of what is between the steering wheel, the seat and the pedals of the pretty sports transalpine. Filmed somewhere in Belgium, the footage shows a 348 convertible starting with a bang at a stop sign before turning into the big mess up to the opposite wall.

Nice snowshoe shot

In these days when sports cars did not yet have driver aids, the 348 did not tolerate such rough approximations with the handling of its accelerator and steering wheel. Note that the driver seems to keep his foot on the accelerator even after entering the wall. Unless it is blocked? Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.