After having proven itself thanks to its preparations of Hummer H1 in 2018, the young company Mil-Spec Automotive tackled the most luxurious restoration it has undertaken to date, still on the basis of Hummer H1.

Mil-Spec Automotive has just unveiled its M1 range of restored Hummers. This is overseen by the M1-R H1, the result of several thousand hours of work to culminate in the most impressive and luxurious Hummer that has ever seen the light of day.

800 hp and $ 400,000! 6

A tailor-made treatment

If you find that the Hummer H1 is not yet rugged enough for your liking, then Mil-Spec Automotive can fix it. The American company has made a name for itself by beefing up the supertruck in every way possible, in the majority of cases by special order.

In this case, under its hood the M1-R houses a V8 Diesel Duramax 6.6 liters of 800 hp and 1,200 Nm of maximum torque. Mil-Spec also adapted high-travel suspensions and a six-piston brake system as well as an air-locking differential.

800 hp and $ 400,000! 7

As for the passenger compartment, it has been entirely made-to-measure, with a completely redesigned central console, including a new gear selector. All the plastic fittings and elements have been replaced by machined and anodized metal parts.

The furniture and upholstery are obviously sheathed in quilted nappa leather. Finally, the body takes on a bright yellow color inspired by the competition yellow of the original H1.

The M1 range starts at 299,500 dollars or 251,500 euros. But it will cost $ 412,000 or 346,000 euros for the M1-R.