50,000 euros fine for arriving at football training in Mercedes 4

This has happened to him twice in a year. French football player Kingsley Coman has just been fined 50,000 euros for arriving at his club FC Bayern training session behind the wheel of a Mercedes G-Class.

However, he had already received a warning in April 2020 after going to training in McLaren. And he had already had to pay a fine of 50,000 euros. The French football player Kingsley Coman is therefore a repeat offender in this area.

Arriving at training this time in a Mercedes G-Class, he was refused entry to the players’ parking lot and had to park his vehicle in the street. Before being sanctioned once again by a fine of 50,000 euros.

Where is the problem ?

Well in fact, Audi is an 8% shareholder of Bayern Munich and main sponsor of the football club to the tune of 50,000 million euros per season. Thus, the players of the team have the obligation to use the “Audi of function” which have been allocated to them to go in particular to the trainings.

Needless to say, Mercedes is one of Audi’s main competitors. Especially since the brand with the rings is always particularly generous towards the teams. It is not the Real Madrid players who will say the opposite.

For the record, the French international immediately apologized to the leaders of the club, indicating that the mirrors of his Audi were damaged. This explains that…