Fancy an electric car, but your budget does not follow? So why not turn to the opportunity? Here are 5 models for less than 15,000 € that will satisfy you.

Despite government aid, the purchase of a new electric car remains expensive. Therefore, the most logical solution is to turn to the second-hand market. And good news, today we find a beautiful variety of models at very interesting prices. We have selected 5 models that will adapt to all uses.

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Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Queen of French electricity market and European, theRenault Zoe swarms in the classifieds. And with models from 7,500 €. For a budget of 15,000 €, you will surely find the model (and even the color) that suits you, with recent copies (3 to 5 years) and low mileage like this one. However, be careful with older models (2012-2015) with more limited autonomy.

Volkswagen e-Up!

Electric version of the city car Volkswagen Up !, the e-Up! rather to be reserved for urban use because of its average performance and its range which hardly exceeds 120 km on the first generation models (<2019) which respect our fixed ceiling. Nevertheless, it displays a interesting size / living space ratio and foolproof handling that deserve our attention.

Nissan Leaf

A real compact family 100% electric less than € 15,000? It is possible thanks to the Nissan Leaf. The Japanese having some success with us, there are many copies in the classifieds. It will of course be older generation models (<2018), but the latest versions allow us to approach the 200 km of real autonomy, quite sufficient for daily use.

Kia Soul EV

Want a original vehicle to stand out in traffic? This Kia Soul EV is made for you ! Rare on our roads, the Kia Soul is nonetheless a nifty little family crossover, and this electric version sold just over 15,000 € promises more than 200 km of autonomy.

Renault Kangoo ZE

Renault is ahead of everyone else in the electric utility market with its Kangoo ZE Of course, range (around 130 real km) and power (60 hp) are limited, but if urban delivery tours are your thing. daily, this Renault Electric kangoo is a model to consider! They are found at all prices, like this one, offers less than 7.000 € !

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