The guys from the Youtube channel The Racing Channel (TRC) have accustomed us to videos that are more impressive than the others. So when they say we’re dealing with one of the craziest cars they’ve ever encountered, we think it’s definitely worth a look.

Charles, the owner of this black Viper that spits flame through its side exhausts previously had a Corvette C7 Z06. Mechanical brutality, he therefore knows.

Except that this Viper SRT-10 in particular benefited from a small re-boring of its V10 now cubing at 9.0 liters. This is supported by two large turbos allowing it to develop the trifle of 2,630 hp when fueled with ethanol. And the owner proves it with a test on a dyno bench!

Several possible configurations

In fact, we can notably see in this video that Charles begins hostilities with soft settings already allowing his Viper to produce some 1,600 hp. After some optimizations, it then passes the bar to 1,900 hp. And so on until reaching the phenomenal power of 2,630 hp.

To digest all this cavalry, the Viper is notably equipped with a dry sump, a Motec engine injection system and a PPG sequential gearbox. But stop talking, we’ll let you enjoy and turn up the volume.