With the cost at the pump increasing every year, many French people are looking to save money … discover 20 tips to reduce your consumption on board your vehicle!

Daily use of a vehicle is a means of getting around particularly expensive Nowadays. Between the purchase of the vehicle, insurance, registration, maintenance, technical control and fuel cost, the bill climbs quickly! One of the factors on which you can save on a daily basis is undoubtedly your fuel consumption

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Savings come first and foremost through vehicle maintenance

This is one of the most effective ways to reduce gasoline consumption. A car that is poorly maintained can experience fuel consumption of up to 20%!

Advice, consult the maintenance booklet and carry out overhauls of the vehicle to ensure that it functions optimally. It goes through a regular check engine, oil change, cleaning of parts such as the air filter: all elements that will allow you to take the road in a safer and more economical way.

Adopt a smooth ride in all circumstances

In terms of fuel savings, another very effective way to achieve this is to adopt a smooth ride, in other words eco-driving. One of the keys to this practice lies in theanticipation traffic. The rules are simple: the less you will anticipate, the more you will accelerate and brake suddenly and the more you will consume! On the other hand, if you ease off when approaching a bend or a roundabout for example, you will significantly reduce your consumption.

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