200 km / h in a big German sedan doesn’t impress anyone. But 165 km / h in a pure and hard little off-roader, it sounds funny.

Most current cars can easily exceed 200 km / h on an unlimited German motorway. All that is needed is a little over 100 horsepower under the hood and a classic body, whether it’s a city car or a compact. Any big sedan can even hit 250 km / h in Imperial comfort.

Jimny video thoroughly

But driving fast in a Suzuki Jimny is another story. The small Japanese 4×4 certainly has a 102-horsepower four-cylinder set in an ultra-light chassis, but it mostly deals with truck aerodynamics and an ultra-short gearbox. So how fast can he drive on an unrestricted portion of the autobahn?

165 km / h odometer!

As you can see, the Jimny can hit the 165 km / h odometer on slightly downhill portions. Not so bad for an off-roader so little designed for road driving. Of course, we should not give a big steering wheel at this speed …