In France, there are nearly 300 stolen cars every day. What are the simple ways to prevent theft or prevent the break-in of your vehicle?

New or used vehicle, no one is immune to theft Auto. Today, burglary techniques have greatly developed, especially with advanced electronic systems, such as mouse flight techniques for example (mouse jacking in English). In 2019, it is estimated that 75% of thefts vehicles were carried out without breaking and entering. Often it is only necessary to a few seconds thieves to pick up a signal, open and start a car to leave with …

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To protect against theft, there are first of all several common sense rules to respect, adaptable to all motorists. If you regularly experience attempted thefts or have recently had your vehicle stolen, there are more advanced techniques to establish.

Finally, it should also be remembered that there are regions more affected than others by theft in France.

Some common sense rules

Don’t leave anything lying around in your vehicle : in general, avoid leaving any visible objects in the passenger compartment of your car as much as possible. A backpack, a work computer, a phone, a GPS … all elements that are likely to attract thieves. Instead, prefer to use your trunk to put a few things in it, but avoid leaving valuables in your vehicle as much as possible in your absence.

Do not leave the keys in the car : it may seem obvious, but for a young driver or a distracted motorist, it can quickly happen to leave their keys in the ignition or in the passenger compartment … By acting in this way, the thief can start your vehicle and leave with it. without any break-in! In this case, it is next to impossible to prove the theft.

Lock the openings of your car: When you leave your vehicle, remember to check that all the windows, doors and your boot are properly closed. A partially lowered window can greatly facilitate the task of a seasoned thief. A good reflex to adopt is to pull on your door handle before leaving your vehicle to ensure that it is properly locked.

Do not leave your vehicle running unattended : If you get out of your vehicle even for a few seconds, always remember to remove the keys from the ignition and lock the car. A few seconds of inattention are enough for a malicious person to enter your vehicle and leave with a bang without warning.

Don’t let a stranger get behind the wheel: It goes without saying, but if you want to have your vehicle tested when selling your car, for example, always accompany the buyer rather than letting him go alone. It’s the best way to never see your car again!

Park in a safe place: the ideal is to park in a secure garage or a private car park. It is even better if the place has a CCTV camera or a security system. If you park outside, park preferably in a busy, lighted street rather than a low-traffic area.

More advanced techniques against theft

Install an anti-theft alarm : Thieves don’t like to be spotted, and that’s exactly what car alarm systems are used for. Nothing like a deafening noise to attract the attention of people nearby and scare away potential thieves.

Install a steering wheel lock : This accessory prevents the thief from turning the steering wheel, and even if he manages to start the car, it will take time for him to unlock the device and leave with the car. It is a dissuasive mechanical anti-theft device because it wastes thieves’ time. In the trade, you can find these devices at affordable prices and they are easy to install.

Counter mouse jacking : the principle is simple, thanks to a jammer, the thief will prevent your doors from closing. Once you are away from the vehicle, it can enter without breaking and entering. Several prevention options are possible to protect you from this technique: block your diagnostic socket (OBD) or have it moved and installed a dummy. You can also connect an anti mouse jacking box to it, which disconnects it and prevents any external connection.

Choose an electronic immobilizer system : as its name suggests, an immobilizer system prevents the car from being started without the ignition key. The latter sends a signal to a control box when it is inserted into the contact, which initiates the start. If the thief does not have the key, he cannot start.

Burn your car windows : Engraving windows and mirrors is an alternative way to protect against auto theft. It is a unique number which makes it possible to identify a stolen vehicle: this number is directly recorded in the database of the police and insurance companies. This is a deterrent because criminals will find it difficult to resell the vehicle once it has been stolen.

Invest in a GPS tracker : it is the ultimate solution to trace your car in case of theft. With this device placed in your vehicle, you can quickly find its position and report it to the police. Some models are even paired with your mobile so you can be notified when your car starts.

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