Auto insurance packages for a young driver

Young driver or experienced driver, car insurance is an imperative obligation (as soon as one is its owner), under penalty of a fine of 3,750 €, confiscation of the property on four wheels and a temporary withdrawal of the vehicle. driver’s license.

And your young driver status entitles you to the entire range of insurance formulas offered by companies.

You will therefore be able to experience the joys of deciding between the three main contracts available:


Without forgetting a formula to which the possible smallness of your budget (we will come back to this) will perhaps lead you quite naturally: the young driver insurance per kilometer. Review of details.

A prerequisite to cool the enthusiasm of all new driving license holders …

All your desire to win the precious sesame that will give you the right to finally drive a car without an instructor or a parent sitting to your right, you may never have heard of the notion of extra premium …

Are you well seated, are you ready, are you tall and therefore more of an ostrich age? OK, you will have wanted it. The premium is a delicacy invented by insurers consisting in making young drivers pay the consequences of their inexperience at the wheel. Inexperience responsible for number of claims statistically much higher than the average in the first 3 years of driving.

And who says claims says reimbursements. We make it short but the result is final (or almost…): you will have to pay a 100% premium during your first year of insurance, a 50% premium the second year and a 25% premium the third year .

And this (we sincerely wish them to you) without having any responsible accident during the period! The only way to significantly reduce the amount of this surcharge over 3 years: have passed their license under the accompanied driving regime. This will halve the amount of the additional premium in question, ie 50% the first year, 25% the second and 12.5% ​​the third.

And the winning young driver auto insurance formula is …

You will quickly understand. Accompanied or unaccompanied driving, First 3 years of insurance after obtaining the permit is painful in terms of prices. This is why the choice between insurance formulas quickly comes down to third party young driver insurance, the least expensive of the three flagship contracts on the market.

If this solution is indeed the most reasonable for young drivers often bled dry by the license, it is advisable to choose a vehicle in accordance with the cover offered by the insurance to the third party, namely a minimum coverage excluding in particular reimbursement in the event of theft or criminal damage.

So abandon a number of illusions about the power and the price of the model perhaps initially coveted. Young driver insurance au third lends itself perfectly to a second-hand vehicle, with reasonable motorization in terms of fiscal horsepower, high mileage, with a low Argus value. In any case, almost all of insurance companies even forbid young drivers to insure vehicles over 6 HP.

After that, nothing forbids you to buy (or to be offered to you) a new vehicle or almost, for which you will wish to take out a young driver’s insurance all risks or extended third-party young driver insurance (formula halfway between all risks and third party insurance). But if you have almost no budget left with having financed your license and the purchase of your first car, the formula (young driver’s insurance per kilometer) may appeal to you (even if you may not really have it. choice…).

Young driver insurance per kilometer: the ideal solution when you no longer have a solution

As its name suggests, the young driver insurance per kilometer allows you to pay your insurance only according to the kilometers you will actually cover during the year.

It’s up to you to do your calculations and divide the price of your young driver insurance contract by the price of one insured kilometer. You will then know how many kilometers you can afford to drive per week or per month. Always better than nothing, although you will certainly be disappointed to see your dreams of road trips around the world (or of weekends at the other end of the department) singularly dogged.

Last tip: compare auto insurance!

To find out what sauce you are going to be eaten, use an online auto insurance comparator now (like and perform all the simulations you want free of charge. A simple young driver insurance simulation and you will then know exactly what to expect. And you are not immune to an unexpected promotional offer …