You might as well be perfectly clear from the start! Being a young driver in 2021 is not an easy task and is concretely akin to a double, or even a triple sentence. Rather judge!

First sentence : the young driver is automatically applied an additional premium of 100% the first year of his auto insurance (admittedly reduced to 50% the second year and 25% the third year).
Second sentence : the young driver can combine the additional premium with a penalty if he were to cause a responsible accident.
Third sentence (and not least), the young driver could quite simply see his insurance unilaterally terminated by his broker, without further form of lawsuit.

Overcharged, malussed then canceled: don’t throw it away, the cup is full! But life goes on (must go on) for our poor young driver deprived of his driving rights (since insurance is strictly compulsory to drive a car legally). What can he hope for? What solutions are available to him? Elements of answers.


Is there an insurance life after termination?

No need to worry: finding a car insurer who accepts a terminated young driver is not under the hooves of a horse or under the wheels of a car! But don’t panic: there are fortunately tailor-made offers to make up for it… but beware of the cost!

The word game is easy, but oh so timely. But let’s not go too fast, it will be high time to talk about the angry subject at the end of this article.

Before that, let’s say a word about termination and its legality. As you can completely cancel your insurance at the end of the first year of the contract (thanks to the Hamon law which allows you to terminate your insurance without justification and without notice after one year with your broker), an insurer is free to terminate your contract following a young driver penalty or if he has decided that your behavior constitutes too great a risk for him.

For example if you do not pay your monthly payments, if you have tried to make a false declaration, if your license has been suspended due to drunk driving … or even if you have had too much responsible accidents in too short a time. By complying with a certain number of conditions, your insurer can therefore terminate your contract. In other words, you terminate!

The various terminations and the associated notices

In the context of a termination for aggravation of the risk (for example after the suspension of license for state of intoxication mentioned above), your insurer can terminate your contract within 10 days flat.

If he decides to terminate you for claims, you will have one month to start looking for a new young driver insurance contract (if your insurer has sent you a registered letter within 30 days of the accident which led to his decision).

Termination for non-payment of contributions follows another formalism:

  • Reminder letter within 10 days of delay
  • Formal notice after 30 days of delay
  • Cancellation after 40 days if you have not paid the amounts due

Warning : Using your parents’ vehicle full time when you have declared yourself as a secondary driver can be regarded as intentional misrepresentation. Not only can your insurance terminate you but can also sue you for insurance fraud (criminal offense…)!

What about these solutions?

They are roughly two in number:

  1. Some insurers have specialized in insuring young, dormant, terminated and disqualified drivers. As we saw above, being insured following termination has a price, often a high price. But, here again, nothing is lost. Sometimes, some of those last-ditch deals turn out to be more affordable than what car insurance castaways might expect. On the condition of course to go on the imposed package: a third-party young driver insurance formula (no need to hope for better!) + A small used car of low value. It’s up to you to see if you prefer to drive this type of vehicle or not to drive at all …
  2. You do not want to bring yourself to go under the caudine forks of a specialized insurer who will impose on you its way of considering your fate? You still have solution 2: enter the BCT for insurance refusal! The BCT is the Central Pricing Bureau, whose purpose is to force the automobile insurer of your choice to insure you to a third party, for at least one year (the insurer in question remains free to apply to you. the young driver insurance prices that he will have decided on…).

Whatever your decision, compare young driver insurance before you decide!

Specialized insurer or BCT, the easiest way is to go first and foremost to fishing for quotes (you will have to produce the one of your choice at the BCT anyway). To do this, do not go four ways.

Connect without hesitation to a young driver insurance comparator ( for example) and indicate all the parameters of your situation (without omitting or concealing anything, all knowing and being verified a posteriori) to access in a few minutes and without commitments to all desired young driver insurance simulations. You will then be able to know precisely what sauce you are going to be eaten.