Young driver: how much does it cost to insure your car?

If we were cruel and wanted to destroy all hope in you, young driver, the one, only and honest answer which one would give to this innocent question would be one word, the word “dear”. Come on, let’s not be stingy, let’s go to two words to clarify the answer a little bit; two words like “very expensive”.

In short, in short, in a nutshell, the observation is clear: taking out a car insurance contract when you are a young driver means bleeding all four veins even though you have already invested heavily to finance the driving license. and that (if a daddy or a generous uncle has not looked into the problem) we have scraped the bottom of the drawer to afford a car.

So of course, young driver, we are not going to leave you all alone on the side of the road, devastated and hopeless under the weight of the bad news from the start. We will try (I mean try) to get out some great ideas from our hat but don’t expect a miracle. Because in the realm of young driver car insurance, miracles definitely don’t exist. But we will try …


Young driver, you are a danger on the roads!

That is what insurance companies say and repeat, surrounding themselves with statisticians who, it is not their fault, do not contradict them, far from it. Because there is no point in denying it, a young driver rhymes with inexperience at the wheel which rhymes with over-accidentology.

A learned word that hides a stupid and wicked reality: young driver, you are 4 times more “likely” to die in a traffic accident during your first 3 years of driving than more experienced drivers.

Not to mention the risk of responsible claims less serious but very expensive to cover. There you have it, you know everything and you have a clear and precise explanation of the prohibitive tariff which you will have to pay if you too want to enjoy the joys of traffic jams, middle fingers and riotous shouts.

Young driver, you will pay dear (very dear) to brave this inexperience

Insurance did not go all the way. Of course, they could have decided to share this excess risk with all policyholders. Well no, they preferred make those responsible pay (yes, you, the young driver) so that they themselves finance the expenses incurred to repair all these many youthful mistakes.

This decision taken, the insurance companies still had a heavy hand, very heavy, by inventing a 100% young driver insurance premium. For those who do not understand or suck at maths, an extra 100% is equivalent to multiplying by 2 the auto insurance price basis granted to the first experienced driver.

So you, a young driver, are going to have to pay twice the price for your car insurance the first year, without further legal action. The second year, you will be very happy to have to pay a 50% surcharge (only …) and to the angels or even nirvana the third year when this surcharge will be lowered to 25%, just before extinguishing his beautiful death from the fourth year.

Young driver having obtained a license thanks to accompanied driving, you will pay (a little) less for this inexperience

The same statisticians cited earlier in this article are just as affirmative: young drivers who have benefited from the joys of accompanied driving are responsible for a lower number of responsible claims than those straight out of their driving school. Suddenly, the insurance companies took out their calculators and the results fell: extra premium divided by 2. Namely, 50% extra premium the first year, 25% extra premium the second year and 12.5% ​​extra premium the third year.

Young driver, some tips to lower the bill

If you don’t have your license yet and you have nice parents, quickly reread the previous paragraph and don’t hesitate for a second: accompanied driving, quickly, or nothing!

But if, as I imagine, the dice are already cast and you have your license in your pocket, here you will find two or three common sense tips to lessen the pain a little.

  1. Choose the cheapest option insurance, namely third party auto insurance. Of course, it will only cover damage caused to a third party driver in the event of a responsible accident, but it is better than nothing, and in any case, it is the minimum formula (civil liability) provided for by the legislator. Afterwards, you have the choice between comprehensive insurance (the Rolls of auto insurance) and extended third party insurance (or intermediate insurance), but the price range will quickly give you pause …
  2. Choose the vehicle that goes with third party auto insurance, that is, a low value used car, not too powerful, which will not give you buttons if you scratch it during a rough maneuver and you will not be afraid of being stolen or vandalized (theft and malicious damage are obviously not covered by third party insurance).
  3. And above all, try to do not cause an accident, same material, not even much, at least for the first 3 years. Because I let you imagine a penalty in addition to the surcharges already applied …
  4. There is also insurance per kilometer but blah … This will mean that you should limit the number of kilometers traveled per year even though you have to drive a lot to gain the experience that you obviously lack (if you believe these damn statisticians…).

One last piece of advice, perhaps the most important: compare young driver insurance!

The world of insurance companies is not, far from it, free from some amazing examples that some of your newcomer colleagues enjoy every day.

Insurers are indeed looking by all means to conquer new customers, first and foremost young drivers, whom they dream of long-term loyalty. This explains the exceptional promotional offers they make from time to time to attract young penniless drivers.

But while it is obviously difficult to scan the entire auto insurance market, fortunately there is a free solution without any commitment (this is quite rare to underline it) which allows you to compare in minutes the young driver insurance contracts available at the moment T.

This magic solution is the young driver insurance comparators, like for example. All you have to do is enter your driver profile, the vehicle to be insured and the insurance chosen to immediately know the prices offered by all the main insurances. Then it’s up to you to carry out all the simulations you want to get your hands on THE young driver insurance contract that you will not be able to refuse.