When we talk about car insurance formulas, the question of the bonus-malus is often quickly raised, as it has (in positive as in negative) a major and direct impact on the amount of premiums requested by your broker.

But for young drivers, there is one question that also comes up very often: drink driving. Far from us the idea of ​​caricature or of stigmatize young drivers drunk driving is unfortunately a “habit” widely shared by all generations and all socio-professional categories.

The fact remains that drinking and driving among young drivers is, if one can put it that way, even more dangerous because of their inexperience in driving. Are young people equal before the law with older drivers or do the police or courts differentiate between young drivers and experienced drivers ?


Balance on your left leg with the thumb of your right hand on your nose, wait without falling for 10 seconds. 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1: you are ready for the answers!

Young driver, the maximum allowed rate is 0.2 g (and not one more decimal place)!

Whether you have just passed your license or have had it in your pocket for 30 years, drunk driving is dangerous for a whole host of reasons well known and well studied by scientists:

  • You will be more likely to be dazzled by headlights
  • Your field of vision and your hearing skills will decrease
  • The coordination of your movements will be modified (less well …)
  • You may be subject to sudden pumping and a loss of vigilance
  • You will noticeably undervalue the risks encountered while driving
  • And, above all, your reaction time (especially when braking) will be doubled!

But these observations being made and valid for everyone, the level of alcohol allowed at the wheel is not the same according to you are a young driver (less than 3 years of license) or experienced driver.

The law is perfectly clear on the subject: it will be 0.2 g max per liter of blood for a young driver against 0.5 g for a driver over 3 years of age …

The number of points withdrawn if you are caught with your hand in the bag is identical: drunk driving is considered a crime leading – no pun intended – to a withdrawal of 6 points.

But the difference is significant for the young driver: 6 points less is indeed equivalent to the immediate loss of the driver. temporary license ! And without the possibility of following an internship to hope to recover them!

Good to know

All young drivers are not equal when it comes to alcohol! If 0.2 g of alcohol in the blood is the maximum limit not to be exceeded in case of control, the same quantity of alcohol ingested by a young driver of 60 kg will not lead to the same concentration of alcohol found in the blood as for a driver of 90 kg. Ditto for a young driver versus a young driver.

In other words, weight and gender are factors to take into account when deciding to have a drink (it’s nice but dangerous) before getting behind the wheel.

Drunk driving and penalties

Of course, the following information is only valid when you get caught (by the police) or when you have an accident. In all other cases, it is nevertheless strongly recommended that you never drive after having drunk, even moderately, even a drink.

Beyond the young driver penalty that you can have in the event of an accident, drinking and driving is an offense leading to penalties in several ways:

  • For the police or the gendarmerie : legal sanctions in the form of a fine (up to 4,500 euros!) and automatic withdrawal of 6 points
  • For your insurance : sanctions that can go as far as becoming a young driver malussé, the unilateral termination of your contract and, in the worst case, by the refusal to take charge of the consequences of an accident (in other words, having an accident under the grip of alcohol is like driving without insurance!)

Drunk driving and car insurance

Insurers do not like alcohol and they will be “happy” to charge you for it if you get caught up in the bag. In their eyes, driving alcoholic is an intentional fault that may constitute an exclusion of legal warranty.

Before cancellation of your insurance (you would then have the status of “terminated”, with all the trouble in the world to find a new insurer), your broker has a whole arsenal to make you think about what you have just done …:

  • Increase in your penalty for alcohol while driving
  • Increase of up to 150% of the premium for drunk driving

Young drivers, we just let you imagine the consequences of such increases on the price of your young driver insurance, already overpriced for the grace of the additional premium. Between us, a glass of wine or beer is expensive, don’t you think?

Good to know # 1

Having a breathalyzer in your car is mandatory: it’s the best way to blow the balloon on your own if you have the slightest doubt. If the results are positive, do not get behind the wheel, otherwise you will have to breathe in the police breathalyzer, with the consequences that we know …

Good to know # 2

You have no idea how the consequences of a police check (in addition to a fine of 4,500 euros) can be excessively painful!

  • Immobilization and impoundment of the vehicle if no passenger is able to drive
  • Administrative suspension of driving license for a maximum of 3 years
  • Driving ban for a maximum of 5 years
  • Installation at your expense of an immobilizer alcohol test in the vehicle
  • In the event of a repeat offense: cancellation of the permit (with a ban on ironing it for 3 years) and imprisonment