Auto ambulance insurance: what is the best insurance?

Ambulances and medical transport (VSL, light medical vehicles and TPMR, vehicles for transporting people with reduced mobility), same fight. In both cases, auto ambulance insurance must at the same time cover the vehicle (s), but also the professional activity resulting from the use of ambulances or medical transport vehicles.

But does the job of ambulance driver require specific auto ambulance insurance or is standard auto insurance sufficient? Follow the guide to get all the answers.

Ambulance liability: tailor-made auto ambulance insurance

Companies operating ambulances must take out ambulance civil liability, a specific contract offering a mix of guarantees covered by professional civil liability and operating civil liability.


In accordance with article 1240 and following of the Civil Code, this ambulance liability company has the particularity of covering the financial consequences caused by bodily, material and immaterial damage caused to third parties, and this throughout the professional activity.

Mandatory in the same way as for individuals, professional RC is the minimum third-party insurance that protects the company in the event of damage caused to third parties during the operation of the ambulance.

This contract also guarantees the assumption of responsibility for financial losses which may result from bodily injury, material damage as well as immaterial damage caused during the exercise of professional activity. Special operating loss insurance is often necessary in order to compensate for any possible loss of turnover.

Damage guarantee: think about it!

An ambulance being by definition a “complex” vehicle and therefore expensive, it is more than advisable to choose an insurance contract covering the damage caused to this type of vehicle in the event of responsible accidents.

More so, the insurance companies often offer specific guarantees for new ambulances. By subscribing to these options, you can benefit from:

  • Replacement value guarantee for the first 6 months of use of your ambulance
  • A guarantee in value increased by 25% compared to the expert’s estimate for your ambulance from 6 months to 5 years

Not to mention coverage related to the immobilization of the vehicle after an accident or breakdown.

Special case of on-board professional equipment and materials

As we can see, an ambulance is not, far from it, a vehicle like any other. Concerning first and foremost the health (or even the life) of those affected by their use, ambulances most often have such precious and expensive medical equipment and equipment: defibrillator, insufflator, shell mattress, stretcher table, scope monitoring, ramp, fixed GPS …

Fragile and increasingly coveted, this equipment can both be damaged or destroyed in an accident or stolen when the ambulance is parked or parked. It is therefore also strongly recommended to choose a professional auto insurance contract covering the breakage and theft of on-board devices and equipment.

Good to know

Insurance can also cover destruction or breakage of equipment caused by human error or an operational problem.

An exceptional profession for exceptional insurance

Operating an ambulance can lead to specific situations that deserve to be covered by ad hoc insurance. Thus, in the course of your daily activities, you may (it happens even to the best) cause damage to third parties (especially passengers), be held liable for professional misconduct or recklessness, be liable for delay can have all kinds of consequences …

Unit contract or fleet contract: it all depends on the number of ambulances to be insured

If you only operate one or two ambulances, separate contracts for each vehicle are suitable for your situation.

But if your fleet of ambulances is larger (from 3, 4 or 5 ambulances depending on the insurance companies), it is certainly more advantageous to go under the contract regime floats which will allow you to benefit from a reduction of up to 30% compared to the individual ambulance insurance contract.

The fleet contract allows manage all ambulances of the company with a single contract, thus combining savings and simplicity of administrative management.

Auto ambulance insurance: different rates depending on multiple criteria

Contrary to traditional auto insurance, the prices of auto ambulance insurance can vary widely depending on the following factors:

  • Company Size
  • Turnover
  • Number of employees
  • Number and value of ambulances
  • Value of on-board equipment
  • Specificity of specific arrangements
Good to know

Your offices are victims of a fire and the fire has damaged one or more of your ambulances parked in the parking lot. Your comprehensive insurance contract Do offices cover vehicles or should you have taken out comprehensive insurance that covers vehicles? Don’t forget to ask your insurer or plan the option before signing your contract!

Compare quickly before committing

You got it, more than any other insurance, auto ambulance insurance must be perfectly thought out to allow you to be sure to face all the situations of a profession that is truly unlike any other.

In order not to decide lightly, use an auto insurance comparator like in order to establish free of charge all the simulations you will need to choose at the best price the insurance contract that will precisely match your budget and your needs. And which will cover as closely as possible all the situations you may be confronted with in the exercise of such a particular activity.